POV Visual Communications

POV (Point of View)

It’s tougher than ever to capture attention as consumers are bombarded 24/7:

  • Through TV and Online advertising
  • With store displays and packaging
  • Through websites
  • In magazines and newspapers
  • On the highway
  • Via the mail

Visual impact and engagement are the first steps toward closing the sale.  Marketers need to ensure their messages will be seen and resonate.

Hoping is not a plan

While media and technology have advanced, the basic tenets still hold.

Attention plus Message = Persuasion

If you believe this, then you want to know that your promotional material delivers on both sides of the equation.

Clients have been relying upon the expert advice of Joan Treistman for over 30 years. Joan Treistman’s perspective on communications research has helped marketers since her early days at Quaker Oats, as a founding owner of Perception Research Services and Treistman & Stark Marketing, at Roper Starch – GfK and M/A/R/C, and through today as President of The Treistman Group.

To ensure that your company’s visual communications get the attention they deserve, call Joan. Tell her your business goals and she will work with you to develop and execute a market research plan that will give you the information you need to make smart decisions.

Whether it’s optimizing a website, selecting a package design, understanding consumer behavior in the store, or executing an advertising program, The Treistman Group will help ensure that your company maximizes the return on its investment with a successful research strategy.

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