EyeValue™ for Websites

It’s not uncommon to hear of click stream behavior and transactions used to measure website success.  And there are attempts to use visitor satisfaction surveys at the website and after the visit to attach meaning to the visitor’s experience. But crucial answers lie in witnessing actual user experience, because website effectiveness is multidimensional.

The Treistman Group’s proprietary research has uncovered four major components to Website effectiveness which are incorporated in EyeValue™ for Websites:

website eyevalue

  • Reasons for visit
  • User expectations & experience
  • Website design & navigation
  • Content delivery

EyeValue™ for Websites incorporates all these factors in the research methodology. This research clearly shows whether your website deliverables are meeting your visitors’ wants and needs. The results provide specific guidance for both enhancement of the current site and future development.

EyeValue™ uses eye tracking to document visual involvement, dramatically demonstrating the elements that draw attention and how the visual path influences navigation on the site.  In-depth interviewing is added to the eye tracking technology to capture the essence of the visitor experience. Does it align with marketing goals and with customer needs? Are there unexpected problems that are hampering communication?

The analytic process and its deliverables are provided in marketers’ language so the results can be put to use immediately.

When you call Joan Treistman to go over your company’s goals you can be assured the outcome is a solid plan that produces relevant and constructive results.

Website Eye Tracking Sample

Website Eye Tracking Presentation – Why Do They Zig When You Want Them to Zag on Your Website? Helping Clients Answer Questions to Provide Good Direction

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