EyeValue™ for Packaging

Pack Design and Strategy

Without out a doubt packaging and the packaging design are the final link in the marketing chain. At the point of sale the package becomes the final spokesman for the product. Consumers make their buying decision based on how well the package conveys the selling message.

The Treistman Group offers a targeted approach to the evaluation of packaging and brand researchJoan Treistman works with her clients to make sure that the design objectives are prioritized and the research methodology fits those objectives.  Study results, therefore, coincide with marketing decision criteria.  This leads to the selection and optimization of designs that enhance brand sales.

EyeValue™ eye tracking technology is used for Print Ads, Websites, Packaging, Logo’s, Shelf placement, TV Commercials, Software, Games and more!

  • Eye tracking records what respondents see
  • Interviewing aids in understanding consumer behavior and attitudes
  • By acknowledging these two critical components of communications effectiveness EyeValue™ bridges the gap between metrics and insights, something that cannot be achieved with other testing methods.
  • By comprehensively and effectively uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of executions clients can greatly improve impact and avoid large spending on suboptimal designs.

Here are the steps for a successful research program:

  1. Talk with Joan about:
    • Reasons for the current package re-design or new product design
    • Marketing strategy for the brand and the packaging
    • What has already been learned about the purchase decision process
  2. Prioritize the importance of:
    • Shelf impact
    • Variety differentiation
    • Package readability
    • Brand equity/imagery
    • Aesthetics
    • Persuasion at the point of sale
    • Support of the package for product usage
  3. Plan the qualitative or quantitative research procedure and decide if it includes…
    • Eye tracking
    • Tachistascope
    • Focus groups or one on one interviews
    • Online interviewing
    • In-store observation
    • In-home placements
  4. Relax….you’re in good hands!
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